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Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

Thanks problem solved

On 9/15/11, Dorothy <> wrote:
yes it is I think but it does work and you asked if it did,,and as I said
you cannot go wrong as it does not support XP but based on your system,the
reply was correct,maybe others have not found it slow,I think some updates
came in last night but I have not looked at them in detail Dorothy
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Hi all I installed internet explorer a few days ago and one thing I
imidietly relised is that jaws doesn't give you the status while
loading pages e.g. 10%, 40% etc. at first this didn't bother me but I
would like to know how to get it to speak the status again. Just
another observation, is it just me or is IE 9 genarally slower than IE

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