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Adrian Spratt


When I created a message rule recently, I discovered that in Outlook 2010, I could place focus at the kind of message I wanted sent to a new folder.

I pressed the applications key, then arrowed up to "rule."

After that, press enter, then tab through the choices. You'll notice that some of the crucial info is already filled in for you, but you can always edit if you don't like what's there.

Although you can create the new folder in this dialog, I prefer to create it in advance.

If any of this need to be clarified, I'll follow up tomorrow, unless someone else in an earlier time zone is around with the answers.

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Hello Group:

I am using a Hewlett Packard PC with Windows 7 and Microsoft Outlook 2010. I
belong to numerous professional and personal groups list serves. I would
like to be able to direct the many emails I receive into designated group
folders rather than have them all flood into my In Box.

How do I accomplish this task?


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