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Brent Harding

The one guy told me that the iPhone part is just a 3.5mm plug that's a little longer and has a fourth pin or contact in it. He said that visually, it has four bands on the end going in to the phone. The challenge for you is to get the other end of the cable for a mixer wired up correctly because input and output would be separate jacks. I think the one guy I spoke with at Plantronics just hadn't heard of that model or how to find it, given that I didn't have anything besides hearing of something similar's discontinuation. The lady at thought that if the Plantronics only offers RJ connections, they likely can't be adapted easily. I guess that's what phone patches did.

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I hesitate to mention this because you either have to be a sound
geek or know someone who is, but I solved the problem with a 16
channel (probably overkill) mixer board and an ordinary Beats
headset with microphone.
I wanted to be able to put the phone in one ear and the computer
in the other, be able to switch them, and be able independently to
increase or decrease the sound volume. That allows me to
negotiate clauses in contracts, listening to JAWS mostly in one
ear, while listening to the phone in the other ear.
That, however, is only the beginning. I also wanted to be able to
send the sound (either the phone or JAWS) through external
speakers, entirely independently. Then, I wanted to be able to
switch between using the headset microphone either to talk on the
phone or to dictate to my computer using Dragon Naturally
Finally, I wanted to be able independently to answer either my
regular desk phone or my iPhone, using the iPhone in the same way
that I used my desk phone. In theory, this should have worked,
and I did get all of it working -- except the iPhone.
I got as far as I could, but was then stumped. I have two sons,
one an electrical engineer who designs radar for the Air Force,
and the other, a mechanical engineer who designs cars for Honda.
Not everyone has that luxury, hence my hesitation.
I ended up employing both of them to get as far as I ultimately
did. The iPhone integration may still happen -- next Christmas
Vacation. <SMILE>
Of course, this set-up is permanent. Once everything is wired,
you don't ever want to move. <SMILE>
I think I paid between $50 and $80 for the mixer board. I don't
think it will ever wear out. I've already been through two
headsets (I'm pretty hard on them).
My advice would be to call Plantronics. <SMILE>

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This was an interesting discussion. I have a solution that's not
very elegant but it works.

I have a wired earphone that plugs into my computer and I place
the earbud in one ear. Then I have a Bluetooth headset connected
too the iPhone with the earbud in my other ear. I use it for
listening to music while I work, but it also works for phone

As I said, not elegant but it works.


On 8/14/15, Brent Harding via Jfw <> wrote:
I am wondering how you go about getting a dual source headset to
able to hear JFW on one side and have a phone call on the other
Even better, it would be nice if the microphone sent its output
to the phone. I tried getting quotes on a sight called
Thumbtack, and
I spoke with a guy who answered who does audio engineering on
side. He thinks he could make a cable where I could plug any
mic in to do this, as long as it had the combination jack that
combines the headset and mic on it. If one was going to use a
that has the same kind of jack as the iPhone, which uses the
3.5mm connector, does such a product exist? The closes thing I
years ago was a discontinued Plantronics headset, but it only
had the
RJ headset plug for the phone side, which may or may not be able
to be
adapted. Also, I'd like something less expensive than that. I
with Plantronics the other day, and it appeared that what they
have had has been discontinued so long ago that it isn't in
system any more. The guy told me that the only dual source
like that have to be manually switched between phone call and
source, which doesn't work if you switch to read something and
the person on the other end says something you missed. What are
people doing to achieve this these days?
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