Re: Vocalizer with JAWS?

Soronel Haetir

You need to enable the synthesizer first, go to the jaws menu
(jaws+j), then under utilities choose ""Synthesizer and Braille

In the manager hit the "Add remove or change" button.
Make sure Synthesizer is selected in the list and hit next.
From the check box list that follows make sure any synthesizer you
want to be able to use is checked then hit the Finish button.
Finally hit the 'Close" button to exit the synthesizer and braille manager.

You may need to restart jaws in order to have this change take effect,
I am not sure.

After doing this the synthesizer should appear in the profiles list,
also in the voice adjustment dialog.

On 8/16/15, Steve Boodram via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi all, I recently installed some of the vocalizer voices from the FS site
but can't seem to find it in voice profiles. Can anyone help please?

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