Re: data graphing ideas?

Robert Logue

More to my point. Are there financial market analysis tools a blind person can learn to use? I haven't done math in years and don't know anything about the market. I haven't bothered to learn as it seems most of the tools are quite visual. Plus it is hard for me to keep numbers in my head.

It occurs to me that a refreshable braille display would be very helpful. However, I don't have one as I've not really need. That would be a large investment for this project.

What I need to know is if there are accessible tools I can use right now with Jaws.



On 8/17/2015 10:16 AM, Robert Logue via Jfw wrote:
Idea: I don't know enough to do this but would like to have some kind of universal table data chart graphing trending display. Idealy tactile but also how to make accessible in computers via audio.
Perhaps if I bought MS Office but which one? Don't like ribbons at all.
I want to find out if this is a good or bad time to buy silver.
I look at the graphs on some web pages but they are not often in accessible table format with clear headings. In fact. I haven't found one.
I suppose this can be done in XL but have never learned it and I don't have it. I also have no web building skills.


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