Mozilla Firefox Add-ons with JAWS?

Brad Martin

Does anybody know how to actually use Add-ons in Firefox? Sure, I can install the add-ons, and I can go to the Add-on manager to enable, disable, or remove them. But how do you actually get to them without a mouse and a set of functioning eyes? I've Googled and Googled, and all I find is that I'm supposed to use something called an Add-on Bar. Wish I could find one. I've tabbed until my tab key almost went on strike from abuse, and I don't see anything like that. Going to the View, Toolbars, option doesn't allow me to choose Add-on bar. I found a shortcut key, Control /, that's supposed to turn the Add-on bar on or off, but I don't know if mine's on or off, because I can't find it before or after I press Control /

Any bright ideas? I installed an Add-on and it's functioning, but I'm supposed to be able to configure its options, and well, yeah, no, not so much.

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