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Hello Carolyn,
You might like to write Ryan Jones at the training department at Freedom Scientific regarding training manuals in braille.
If you mean moving to the latest email in your inbox, press home.
Cheers Kevin.

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Hope no one minds a somewhat-high-maintenance member... I am part-self-taught, part-trained-by-state-agency, part trained-using-audio-tutorials, and certain concepts are still either fuzzy or untried, despite my years of JAWS experience! I am also a highly visual learner, and process things best with a combination of Braille notes and hands-on... BTW, does anyone know if JAWS training materials are available in Braille? I do have the quick-ref booklet, but it’s of limited use. One question I’ve had for years: when materials mention an “element,” what exactly is that? Also, is there a keystroke for skipping to new messages on a website such as ours?

Really appreciate everyone’s feedback—I am the type that needs to know why things work the way they do, before really mastering concepts! Far more insight than I have previously. I will also try the Automatic setting again; didn’t seem to change things, or maybe I just didn’t understand it completely... Also, Kevin, I changed the Forms Mode sound to a long match-strike, due to some mild Asperger’s; it may be that I will have to select the next-least-intrusive sound, if the softness of that sound is making it harder for me to negotiate using Forms Mode. It was a nice idea, but not necessarily the most practical (LOL)! So, there’s no longer a “pop,” which I did experience as jarring; will have to see what other choices I have.

Carolyn, though I’m not familiar with the back story, I will keep Meredith in prayer—I’m a prayin’ woman. Your scenario happened to me just a few weeks ago, when I was trying to email my sister-in-law about a lunch date and ended up sending it to my mom instead—oops! No worries. Thanks!

“To love another person is to se the face of God.”
(Les Miserables--the musical)
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