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After posting the response from amazon on their player not workingwith JAWS,

I noticed an unopened e-mail from Amazon dated during the time a friend
helped me buy music as mp3's from Amazon

Thee-mail had specific instructions for screenreader users as how to
download purchased mp3's from the Amazon page

I am not interested right now in using Apple products-and have used the
Android device-

As a beginner.

I like the way the Amazon music player plays music. A friend walked me
through the steps that a sighted person would use to operate the player.

Also getting music downloaded to the Amazon player would make sense from
ease of use as there is so much music available (and playlists do not
disappear from amazon player).

There are obviously are (for lack of a better word) code within the
Windows o s to permit screen readers to work which should permit our using
Amazon's player.

I hope others might contact both Amazon and F S to ask both companies to
work together to get the

Accessible code into the Amazon music player so it can work using JAWS.


Thank you so much.

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