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Sandra Streeter

Hope no one minds a somewhat-high-maintenance member... I am part-self-taught, part-trained-by-state-agency, part trained-using-audio-tutorials, and certain concepts are still either fuzzy or untried, despite my years of JAWS experience! I am also a highly visual learner, and process things best with a combination of Braille notes and hands-on... BTW, does anyone know if JAWS training materials are available in Braille? I do have the quick-ref booklet, but it’s of limited use. One question I’ve had for years: when materials mention an “element,” what exactly is that? Also, is there a keystroke for skipping to new messages on a website such as ours?

Really appreciate everyone’s feedback—I am the type that needs to know why things work the way they do, before really mastering concepts! Far more insight than I have previously. I will also try the Automatic setting again; didn’t seem to change things, or maybe I just didn’t understand it completely... Also, Kevin, I changed the Forms Mode sound to a long match-strike, due to some mild Asperger’s; it may be that I will have to select the next-least-intrusive sound, if the softness of that sound is making it harder for me to negotiate using Forms Mode. It was a nice idea, but not necessarily the most practical (LOL)! So, there’s no longer a “pop,” which I did experience as jarring; will have to see what other choices I have.

Carolyn, though I’m not familiar with the back story, I will keep Meredith in prayer—I’m a prayin’ woman. Your scenario happened to me just a few weeks ago, when I was trying to email my sister-in-law about a lunch date and ended up sending it to my mom instead—oops! No worries. Thanks!

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