dual source headsets, where to get?

Brent Harding

I am wondering how you go about getting a dual source headset to be able to hear JFW on one side and have a phone call on the other side. Even better, it would be nice if the microphone sent its output back to the phone. I tried getting quotes on a sight called Thumbtack, and I spoke with a guy who answered who does audio engineering on the side. He thinks he could make a cable where I could plug any headset mic in to do this, as long as it had the combination jack that combines the headset and mic on it. If one was going to use a phone that has the same kind of jack as the iPhone, which uses the 4-band, 3.5mm connector, does such a product exist? The closes thing I found years ago was a discontinued Plantronics headset, but it only had the RJ headset plug for the phone side, which may or may not be able to be adapted. Also, I'd like something less expensive than that. I spoke with Plantronics the other day, and it appeared that what they may have had has been discontinued so long ago that it isn't in their system any more. The guy told me that the only dual source headsets like that have to be manually switched between phone call and other source, which doesn't work if you switch to read something and the person on the other end says something you missed. What are people doing to achieve this these days?
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