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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

That's more or less what the recent forms mode changes are meant to do. With the proper settings, you should be able to tab around, going in and out as needed. I enter data on Internet apps every day, and it's something that works for me with minimal effort most of the time. You can even tune your settings for individual sights. JAWS help, or a review of what's new in recent releases, covers this well.


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You have a good idea, that I think would be good to be shared with Freedom Scientific. I don't mean to insinuate that they haven't given the problem thought, but your idea sounds like the ideal one.

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Hello all:

I am a JAWS 16 user who has used JAWS for years. I’ve always found myself frustrated to have to press Enter anytime I want to start or stop entries in Forms Mode; sighted people can just type their info in, without the extra steps. Is there a way I could disable Forms Mode so that I could just type in the needed info? I am a fast typist and find that I go faster than the field can appear or disappear! It would be nice if, upon reaching a form field, JAWS could just say, “to field,” then you immediately type a person’s name, for instance... I’ve always been mystified about the purpose of Forms Mode: what issues was it designed to address? Any responses are appreciated.

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