Re: JAWS and Windows 10 issue

Pablo Morales

Hi Mike,

Well, I am not getting the same problem that you are getting with your jaws
cursor. Even though, I have found other problems, but curiously the problems
are different in 4 different computers. Would be interesting to know why
jaws is working differently in 4 different computers, when all windows 10
installation are new, and all jaws installation are new also. A couple of
hours ago, I installed jwindows 10 in a new computer, Lenovo desktop, and
jaws has been working very good. I am noticing a problem when I press alt
tab when I want to go to other window, but it doesn't happen always. I am
still noticing that when the computer is in the log in window, jaws is not
able to read the text field where we should type the password. If I press
tab, nothing happen, if I try to use insert tab to read where is the Pc
cursor, nothing happen. I have to press alt tab two times to make jaws catch
the control where is the password field.
I really don't understand why all these problems are different in each

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Hi folks! Not sure if this is a JAWS thing or not, but it seems like I
cannot use my JAWS cursor to read things in Windows 10. Is there some
setting that I need to adjust for this to happen? I have really enjoyed the
helpful information that has been passed along by those of you who are
running Windows 10. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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