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Hello Sandra,

Forms Mode is an absolutely necessary JAWS feature because without it, there would be no way to distinguish between typing on a web page and using navigation quick keys. For instance, if there were no forms mode, JAWS wouldn't know how to respond when you press the letter "h" because it wouldn't know whether you want to type an "h" or if you wish to move to the next heading on the page. This obviously is not an issue for sighted people because they navigate the web visually. I hope this clarifies why Forms Mode is an essential component of JAWS and other screen readers.


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Hello all:

I am a JAWS 16 user who has used JAWS for years. I’ve always found myself frustrated to have to press Enter anytime I want to start or stop entries in Forms Mode; sighted people can just type their info in, without the extra steps. Is there a way I could disable Forms Mode so that I could just type in the needed info? I am a fast typist and find that I go faster than the field can appear or disappear! It would be nice if, upon reaching a form field, JAWS could just say, “to field,” then you immediately type a person’s name, for instance... I’ve always been mystified about the purpose of Forms Mode: what issues was it designed to address? Any responses are appreciated.

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