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Hello Sandra,
When in forms mode does Jaws not go "Pop", when you arrow into an edit field, and a deeper sounding pop when you arrow out of it? And once you are in an edit field pressing tab moves you from one edit field to the next.
Cheers Kevin.

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Hello all:

I am a JAWS 16 user who has used JAWS for years. I’ve always found myself frustrated to have to press Enter anytime I want to start or stop entries in Forms Mode; sighted people can just type their info in, without the extra steps. Is there a way I could disable Forms Mode so that I could just type in the needed info? I am a fast typist and find that I go faster than the field can appear or disappear! It would be nice if, upon reaching a form field, JAWS could just say, “to field,” then you immediately type a person’s name, for instance... I’ve always been mystified about the purpose of Forms
Mode: what issues was it designed to address? Any responses are appreciated.

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