Re: How To Stop Windows 10 from Sharing Your Bandwidth With Others Without Your Permission

Michal Nowicki <mnowicki4@...>

Russell and All,

I encountered the same accessibility barrier when trying to disable this
feature. I assumed that "checked" means "on, while no status indication
signifies "off." Can anyone confirm if this is in fact correct? I don't
have System Access to verify myself. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank
you in advance for your help.

Best Wishes,


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Hi Mark,

Wow! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but MS nevver ceases to amaze me with
some of the choices they make! Why would this, to use the term loosely,
feature, be turned on by default? If you hadn't brought it up here, I would
have unwittingly been sharing my bandwidth with who knows who! Amazing!
Another confirmation that switching to the Mac as my main home computer 6
years agowas the right choice!

Just as an aside to this... when I followed your instructions to turn off
this feature, Jaws only read the On/Off switch button as "checked" so it was
really unclear as to what I was checking or unchecking. I unloaded Jaws and
loaded System Access. System Access announced "Switch button On" and "Switch
button Off", which helped me to know for sure that I was actually turning
this feature off.

Thanks Mark for bringing this to our attention! You saved me much bandwidth,
I'm sure! :)


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Without Your Permission

Hello My Fellow Windows 10 Users,

You know, I was becoming less and less enthusiastic about Windows 10 as it
does so many things, in terms of sharing our personal information, and now,
it seems, even our band-width without our expressed permission, until I
discovered how to control it's somewhat hidden options.

Please read the following, carefully, to discover how to disable this, in my
opinion, very unwelcomed feature.


How to Disable Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO)

By default, Windows 10 is using your bandwidth by way of a new 'feature'
called Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO). In a nutshell, Windows
10 is uploading files in the background to other Windows 10 users. This
brief guide will explain how to disable the Windows Update Delivery
Optimization service.

Click the Windows 10 "Start Button" and select Settings

Select Update & security from the Settings menu.

Click Advanced options

Click Choose how updates are delivered

Finally, toggle Updates from more than one place to Off

All done!

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