Learning JAWS scripting

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all. A few days ago, there was some discussion on learning JAWS
scripting. I've started learning it myself, and wanted to post some

First, I've decided to blog about JSL as I learn it. My blog page is here:
https://skewmatrix.wordpress.com/ . No advertisements or popups, just
straight information about JSL whenever I learn something interesting. The
"JSL #1" post enumerates the available JAWS Scripting Language resources
that I've found. Please post comments if you know of other resources.

Second, I'm toying with the idea of starting an online book project about
JSL, for example at wikibooks.com. The advantage of putting this book online
as a wikibook is that the information would be much more likely to stay
up-to-date and relevant; people could immediately correct any typos or
mistakes; and of course the book would be free to all and readily available
online. I have written technical books in the past, so this wouldn't be too
much of a stretch for me. (I just need to learn it first. Ha ha.)

The question is: In light of the wonderful documentation from Freedom
Scientific that is already available, what kind of content would I / we need
to provide in this new online resource in order to make it worthwhile? What
would you like to know about JSL that you can't already learn from the FS
docs? Would we want something like a brief overview of JAWS scripting? Or
maybe a "quick start guide" to get you up and running with the basics? Or
possibly a "scripting gems" kind of book, with several examples of JAWS
scripts? Or a language reference? Or all of the above? Of course, "we don't
need this, the FS docs are fine" is also an acceptable response.

Any thoughts or comments... Thanks...

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