How To Configure Either The Windows 10 or Windows 8 Shutdown Menu To Truly Turn Off Your Computer

Mark <facebookmark@...>

Hello Everyone,

The following steps will work in both Windows 10 and Windows 8.x in order to
disable the Fast-User switching option. Doing this will allow your computer
to truly be shut-down as it was in Windows 7 and earlier.

To disable Fast-User Switching, do the following:

Access Windows 10 Power Options. This can easily be achieved using several
Right click in the lower left corner of the screen (or simultaneously press
the Windows + X keys). This will bring up an 'Admin' menu. Simply select
Power Options from that menu.
From within the Desktop; navigate to Control Panel>Power Options.
Or c.
From within the Start Screen; type "power", click on Settings, and select
Power Options from the list of results:

In the 'Power Options' window; click on Choose what the power buttons do
(from the left hand panel):

In the new window; click on Change settings that are currently unavailable:

Uncheck Fast user switching.

That's all there is to it.



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