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Hi Mario,

You can try the following:
In "Settings Center"
under the "Web / HTML / PDFs"
category, there is a subcategory labeled
Under "Miscellaneous"
there is a setting labeled
"Indicate Element Attribute"
Unchecking this setting will stop Jaws from saying
Although it's not recommended since there are times when you will miss
out on elements of webpages that may be useful and are clickable.

Take care.
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I recall this issue being discussed but don't recall if a definite
solution was given:
for future reference, what is a "clickable" item and how is it
activated, because pressing enter or the space bar doesn't seam to do
anything? and how to stop JAWS from announcing "clickable" when
reviewing the contents of web pages in either using Firefox or Internet
Explorer(or any other browser)?

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