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The announcement does not occur when I shut down my Windows 10 computer.

Please keep in mind that since Windows 8, unless one specifically disables
the Fast User Switching option, the computer does not shut down in the sense
that we have come to understand the term in prior versions of Windows.
Instead, the default shut down option in both Windows 8.x and 10 places the
computer in a kind of hibernation mode preserving certain settings.

In order to truly shut down the computer, in the classic meaning of the
phrase, one must disable the fast-user switching located in the power
options settings of the OS. Once done, (1) Jaws will no longer announce
itself and (2) the computer will truly be shut down as it was in Windows 7
and earlier.


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This is normal. It's been doing that since Windows 8.1. It surprised me at
first as well.

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When I shut down my windows10 computer
The last thing it says is Jaws for windows: is this normal?


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