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Hi Jim,
They're buried in various places such as Settings/Privacy category (that's where you should start).

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Oh wow. I wasn't aware of this settings thing. Now that I have it, where can I go to customize my privacy settings? I'd like to do that ASAP!

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Hello Everyone,

I decided to take the plunge and upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

I am delighted to say that all seems well, so far. I had to use Narrator
during the installation because I began the upgrade process before reading
the Freedom Scientific Windows updating page. I'm certain the process would
have gone much more smoothly if I had but, what's done is done. During the
upgrade process, I was careful to use the custom settings path, as opposed
to the express setup, to insure that Windows 10 Privacy settings were
adjusted to my comfort level. Left unchallenged, Windows 10 will attempt to
tap into virtually everything you do and share that info with Microsoft.

My question:

Is there a specific Jaws user email list or forum for those using Windows
10? Or is this still the best place to discuss Windows 10/Jaws.

Oh, one more thing, as yet, I have not installed any third-party apps on my
notebook aside from Office 2007, which was installed prior to the update to
Windows 10.

While I own both Office 2010 professional and Office 2013 Professional, I
see no reason to update to either since 2007 Professional works just fine
for me.

I hope you are all having a great day.


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