JAWS 13 with RhapsodyBlind and BlindTunes

John Martyn

Hi all,
I have just tested on the windows 7 and XP platforms with JAWS 13.
I must say, it works very well with windows 7 and I am posting this to both lists. I didn't notice anything wrong and all functions within the scripts worked well.
However, with windows XP, JAWS 13 is a nightmare and ruins RhapsodyBlind quite a bit. Things do work with rhapsody, but information that was spoken before is missing and there isn't anything I can do to correct this.
Blind Tunes faired much better with only the column sorting was messed up big time. All other function seemed to work until I got to the iTunes Store. It was a struggle to get pages to load without much delay and stalled on all searches.
I noticed that JAWS 13 completely slowed down the startup time in XP. The only way to fix the script issues was to completely uninstall everything Freedom scientific and reload my old JAWS versions.
Just switching to another JAWS version wasn't enough, it was the common components that were the issue from the results. I would have left JAWS 13 but it messed up even testing with the other versions.
I must state again, it works fine on windows 7 so don't be wary unless you have XP.
I am relieved that it works fine on windows 7, but I'm afraid XP and JAWS 13 do not get along. Perhaps FS will fix some issues, but I will never test out JAWS 13 on XP again. It's time to move forward anyway.
So, for all those playing beta games, beware the XP issues running the scripts as I have no way to fix it.
Thanks for reading and for those who aren't familiar with the Rhapsody and iTunes scripts please visit:
John Martyn
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