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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

The more you all are telling me, I'm thinking, might as well stick with
Outlook - the devil I am getting to know.

Best from,


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I loved the old Qualcomm Eudora, but I ran into some problems running it
under 64-bit Windows 7. There was probably a work around, but a sighted
friend kept telling me how much she loved Thunderbird, so I finally gave it
a try around the time I got this computer. I love it. It's clean, simple,
almost never crashes on me, sorts my mail by Email account (I have several),
spellchecks as I type (although the dictionary is a little limited as is),
and works terrific with JAWS version 15 in Windows 7 Pro. And, bonus, it has
a conventional menu bar. A nice plus for me (but probably not needed by most
people) is that I could automate the sending of form letters to my clients
with a shortcut on the desktop. I've been thoroughly impressed with it, and
I kind of didn't expect to be. In other words, I was a tough sell, but you'd
have to give me a really really good reason to switch.

One caution: When I open Thunderbird, I have to Shift Tab once to get into
the list of messages. But it's one keystroke, and now I'm so used to it I
don't even notice.


On 8/10/2015 4:19 PM, Cliff Self via Jfw wrote:
Okay, I'm sick of stumbling around in Outlook. I can't find the
number of messages in my Inbox, I keep losing mail, and the whole
ribbon just doesn't make much sense to me. Is there another, more
accessible, and hopefully free mail client I can switch to?


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