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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I agree. For example, the must-have, sexy feature of JAWS 16 for me has been the added OCR-PDF capability, and it has not disappointed.

On a secondary issue, if you have time for a brief VLC discussion, please drop me a line at

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Hi all,

Just to be clear, I wasn't saying that anyone shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10, or that I never would. I'm sure I will eventually--quite possibly next year if it works well enough. The intent of my question was that with all of the new features that are available but which we can't use yet, I wasn't clear what I would gain by going through that process today, right now, this week. I have a desktop that's not quite two years old, but I've got lots of horsepower in it; it won't have any trouble meeting the Windows 10 requirements. Then I have a cheap laptop which is not quite a year and a half old, and it's pretty basic, but should also function fine with Windows 10. Both are running Windows 7.
Both are doing very well for me. Nothing's slow. Everything I need for home and work just works. It's really a blessing. So the goal of my inquiry was to understand what great improvements I should expect from upgrading to Windows 10 right now. To this point, I haven't heard anything that's made me want to drop what I'm working on to upgrade my perfectly functioning machines before I go to bed tonight. It does sound like Windows 8.1 users may be very grateful to get back the Windows 7 functionality that Microsoft should never have taken away in the first place, and I think if I had 8.1, I'd be thinking more seriously about diving into the Windows 10 pool.

On a completely separate note, I thought an interesting item is the fact that for a limited time, people who upgrade to Windows 10 will get a DVD player for free to replace their current Windows Media Center; but later adopters will have to pay separately for Microsoft's DVD player de jour.
This would be compelling if I hadn't abandoned Windows Media Player years ago for the free VLC Media Player.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this discussion. It has been most helpful. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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