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Roy Nickelson <roylee@...>

from the JAWS 13 public beta page

Customizing the OCR Voice

To customize the voice you hear when reading recognized text, do the
1.Press INSERT+F2, and select Settings Center. When Settings Center opens,
press CTRL+SHIFT+D to open Default.
2.In the tree view, navigate to and expand Voice Aliases, then select
Customize Voice Aliases.
3.Press F6 to move to the Voice Aliases page, and choose the Voice Aliases
button to open the dialog box.
4.Select OCRVoice from the list of voice aliasses and choose the Modify
button to customize the settings for this alias.

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Subject: annoying voice with OCR feature

Whenever I try to use the OCR feature in the JFW 13 beta, when the JAWS
cursor is activated it speaks in this voice that is really hard to
understand. I have gone in and looked at all my voice profiles and all are
set to use Reed as the default. Any way I can fix this, and does anyone have
any tips on making good use of the OCR feature? Was hoping the beta had
fixed the problem I was having with flash content as well, but that hasn't
happened as of yet either.

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