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This is probably not the most popular choice, however, since it works for me very well I will present it as a viable alternative, smile! I recently purchased a 16 GB Lenovo Z70 from amazon and it is a very nice machine. The only issue I had with it was the integrated sound used a smart audio driver that was almost like the audio ducking on an iPhone. When Jaws was talking during a system sound event my Jaws would reduce speech volume by at least half and sometimes stay down there for a minute or more. It was Dolby 5.1 sound just had it quirks. However, my correction for that is another subject.
To address your subject, this is a 17.3 inch display and the surface of the laptop is rather large. In fact the touch screen in front of the full keyboard is the largest and widest I have ever seen on a laptop. And I had one of those big dell 20 inch all in one models that you needed two hands to pick up back in the days of Vista.
So in order to keep from constantly bumping this massive touch screen I just started using an external keyboard which I preferred anyway. Since this keyboard does not have a function key it does not force me to use the F keys as media keys so I did not need to mess around in the bios. As an added bonus if I do want to use them as media keys like today when I wanted to mute Jaws in a hurry during a phone call I reached over and muted it on the laptop and then when I got off the phone I reached over and unmuted it on the laptop. So I basically have the best of both worlds this way.

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Hi Richard,

When I bought my Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 last November I had the tech guys at the place I bought it, Future Shop, go into the BIOS and change the function key settings so that they revert to standard function key operation. I can’t quite recall exactly what this setting in the BIOS is called. Someone else already mentioned this, but I thought I’d suggest getting someone in the store where you purchase your laptop to do this for you.


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I am getting a Lenovo laptop (L440). Could you please reply with any
hints, tips, tricks or precautions about using it with JAWS?

Many thanks,


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