Re: annoying voice with OCR feature

George B

yes you can change the voice, but off the top of my head i can not remember
just how. if you listen to eric's podcast about it he tells you in there
how to change the voice. i am sending a report to have them make the defalt
for the o c r part different then the one they have it is really hard to
understand. i think it should be a higher pitch not that low one they have.

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Subject: annoying voice with OCR feature

Whenever I try to use the OCR feature in the JFW 13 beta, when the JAWS
cursor is activated it speaks in this voice that is really hard to
understand. I have gone in and looked at all my voice profiles and all
set to use Reed as the default. Any way I can fix this, and does anyone
any tips on making good use of the OCR feature? Was hoping the beta had
fixed the problem I was having with flash content as well, but that
happened as of yet either.

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