Re: What do I gain with Windows 10 as a blind person?


With all of the concerns about Google's Privacy Policy, and there have been
many, I should think that we all should be thankful for "BING"! A small
price to pay, especially if you like the rest of Windows 10.

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Hi Brad,

I purchased a new laptop last November, a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 running Windows
8.1. While I did get accustomed to Windows 8.1, I wasn't crazy about it. I
updated to Windows 10, and like the fact that the start menu is back. When I
press the Windows key, I am placed in a search field, similar to Windows 7.
If I down arrow, I am placed in a list of my 6 most used programs, which is
really convenient. I am finding Cortana to work quite well... when she isn't
able to answer my query, she opens up a search page in Bing... wish the
search results could be switched to Google, but at least for now, Bing is
the only choice.

I am looking forward to trying Edge once Jaws support is available for it.

I think whether or not to update to Windows 10 is a very personal choice,
and, I also feel that we shouldn't be advised not to update just because we
use Jaws. Having said that though, I don't think I would have updated if my
laptop wasn't fairly new.

I've been reading the various forums and many people are experiencing
troubles with the Windows 10 update, not only users of assistive technology,
so, as I say, the choice to update is a personal one.

For me, I'm glad I updated, but we'll see how things go once Microsoft
starts pushing out those updates! Ha ha.

Like you say, fun, fun, fun! :)

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Subject: What do I gain with Windows 10 as a blind person?


I've been following all this Windows 10 stuff with great interest, and I
just have a question (with a lot of background first):

So FS says you shouldn't use Edge, you should use Firefox or IE. (I'm
doing that now in Windows 7.) You can't use the built in mail program;
you should use something like Thunderbird or Outlook. (I'm doing that
now in Windows 7.) And you should use Adobe Reader for PDF documents.
(I'm doing that now in Windows 7.) Reviews I've read all seem to
indicate that Cortana is iffy at best.

So why should I upgrade again? I'm not being smart; I'd really like to
know if I'm going to gain anything other than having a new operating
system that I have to use in the same old ways. The only benefit I can
see is that Windows 10 will be supported beyond January of 2020, where
Windows 7 will not. Am I overlooking some wonderful new feature that
should cause me to want to hurry and upgrade? Or does the old saying,
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," apply here? I'd really honestly like
to know if JAWS users in particular are finding anything beneficial in
the upgrade, or if it's just something fun to do to your functioning
computer to see if it will still function.

P.S. Anybody on this list from Louisiana and thinking Cortana, as in mall?
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