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Lol. I'm still working on thawing my brain out, I seriously thought under
the view menue, which I've toyed around with btw, it would produce the

However, in 2013, in the legal note I wrote, I just wrote down the time and
day, as in Sunday but not the date as in august 8th, 2015.
If anyone has 2010, could they muc up their view in the notes folder and see
if it will work?

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Hello Kimsan,
It is too bad your brain is frozen; it looks like your memory is the only
one with that info, lol.
Cheers Kevin.

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I'm having a brain freeze at the moment, but, when writing a note in
outlook 2013, since I'm using outlook 2013, if I was dumb enough to not
input when I wrote it is there a setting to have jaws echo that information?

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