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Brad Martin


I'm afraid I'm not going to be any help to you. After I sent my previous message, it occurred to me (derf dederf derf) that I could access what I needed at home as easily as at work. We do use a vendor that uses Zendesk, but there are no dropdowns on their portal. There's an edit field for Subject, and edit field for Description, and an edit field for the name of the organization for which we work. Then there's a browse button in case we need to attach any files to the request, and then a submit button. So apparently the vendor doesn't use any categories. The last time I used Zendesk with a different vendor, we did have categories to select, but it wasn't a problem in 2011-2012. But I no longer have access to that instance of Zendesk. I suspect you're suffering from a move to a mobile friendly platform for Zendesk, which often breaks accessibility.

Sorry not to be of more help.


On 8/9/2015 3:39 PM, Brent Harding via Jfw wrote:
I need to submit a ticket to a site that uses Zendesk. However, whether I use JFW with Chrome or Firefox, or even try to do it on my phone with iOS, I can't get past the drop down boxes to select the category. They don't identify as any link or combo box for me to use them, and turning virtual cursor off lands me on the wrong category most of the time. Apple and Uber are just two examples of sites that use this. How can I get my ticket submitted?

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