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Michael B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Keith,

Try the following:

While in Windows Explorer, go to Tools and then folder options.
Next, move to the view tab, and then the tree-view, and uncheck the
show preview handlers in preview payne.
This problem does not occur on every Win7 machine, but it has been found
unchecking this option has corrected the problem on several systems.
This crops up on some 32 and 64-bit systems.

Take care.
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Running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and latest JAWS 16.

When I go in to Windows Explorer and look at folders and files, it seems to
hang on me.

I get the following message after receiving a dialog to Wait for program to
resume or Exit the program. What does this mean, and what should I do next?

explorer.exe dialog
The remote procedure call failed and did not execute.

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