Possibly Off Topic: Strange Outlook 2010 problem

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.

I have a strange Outlook 2010 problem on my work laptop that I could use
some help with. It is a Windows 7 laptop with Jaws 16.0.4350.

To give a bit of background, I have Outlook 2010 running with two e-mail
accounts. One is my work e-mail account, and the other is my personal
g-mail account for which I use the IMAP interface.

Most of the time, when I write an e-mail in my g-mail IMAP account, two
copies of my note end up in my sent file. I have always thought this to be
a bit strange, but never worried about it too much since most of my e-mails
are simple text messages that don't take up much space. Recently, I have
noticed that sometimes, when I write an e-mail in my personal g-mail
account, one copy of the message goes into my sent file, but the other copy
winds up in the sent file for my work account. I know that the e-mails go
out, but I'm just not sure why this is happening. Furthermore, I can't
find a consistent explanation for, or patterning to this behavior.

Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.

If this quiry is considered to be off topic for this list, feel free to
respond to me at:


Thank you!

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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