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I'm having the same problem Barbara is having. I press Alt-V followed by C
and V and hear nothing. Tabbing yields a blank area which Jaws speaks.


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Hello Barbra,
I am using Windows 7, 64 bit, Jaws 16.0. 4350, and Outlook 2013, and
pressing alt V, C, V, while in the inbox of Outlook brings up "Current view
group box", with a list of options,
Cheers Kevin.

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Hi List friends,

Regarding the info on losing messages in outlook, and the suggestion to
change the view menu, I need to know how to do this. The suggestion, alt-V,
c, v, did not work for me. When I bring up the ribbons menu and enter on the
"view" menu, nothing happens. It just says "blank". I also tried arrowing
and tabbing and still says "blank".

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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