removing jaws license

Pablo Morales

Hi all guys,

I think that my old computer, doesn't like windows 10 so much, and it is
working very slow, opening programs like Outlook 2007, it takes forever to
open. So I am thinking that probably will be healthy for my old computer go
back to windows 7. I have been reading on internet, that If I have the media
of windows 7, I just need to reinstall windows 7 on my computer like
formatting the whole hard drive. But I am trying to keep my jaws
authorization key, and I read that if I uninstall the license on my older
computer, I will not add this key in the fs server, so I will need to call
FS and ask them another key. It is true?
It doesn't make any sense, but can someone confirm that if I uninstall the
license in my computer, I will not be able to use it again, unless I call FS
and ask them for another key?

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