Re: Installation of Windows 10

Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

You know, we had to download the thing twice, because there was some kind of
glitch in the first download.


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Good to know it comes in something besides a raw download; a flash drive
sounds like just the thing for a program that size. If I decide to get it,
it would be the first time I've ever had a Windows disc, as previous
versions have always been OEM.


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There is no command to restart Narrator.
Speaking of installing Windows, I'll go through some FAQ's I got from this
list in this email:
* Compatible JFW release: Please use JAWS 16.0.4350 or later, or if you'd
like to wait, please hold off until JAWS 17 comes out (public beta or
official build will do).
* Clean install versus in-place upgrade: You can perform an in-place upgrade
all by yourself with a screen reader running. Your computer will restart
several times, and after some restarts, you'll hear silence from your
computer. Once this happens, press Windows+ENTER to launch Narrator, and if
your sound card is detected, Microsoft David will come up talking.
* Multiple clean install options: There are two ways of performing clean
install: bootable media or from Media Creation Tool. If using Media Creation
tool option, the steps are same as above, except none of your programs and
settings will be kept. If doing bootable media installation, then you'll
indeed need some sighted assistance for the first few prompts to choose your
language, entering your product key (don't have to enter it), choosing a
partition and others. Once your computer restarts several times, follow the
steps above to finish installing using Narrator (Windows 10 will come in
either a DVD or on a flash drive).
* Some finds with JAWS 16.0.4350: My brief testing shows the following (at
least on my computer):
1. In Start search box, JAWS does not announce search results automatically.
2. JAWS does not announce Action Center notifications, aa variation of
Windows 8.x's toast notifications. They are toasts in disguise because you
can press Windows+V to move to and interact with them, and press Windows+A
to open Action Center. These are basic issues that should have been fixed in
the first place, thus (in my opinion) disqualifying JAWS from being
compatible with Windows 10 for now (I'm sure FS is working on it).
3. You can use TAB and Shift+TAB to move among links in Microsoft Edge (no
virtual cursor, no forms mode, no support for MathML yet). There were tweets
floating around which criticized FS for not supporting Edge yet, but that's
expected (the biggest nightmare for screen reader vendors is whenever
Microsoft comes out with a new version of Windows; Windows 8.x users tasted
this, and it'll happen more frequently now that Microsoft will be updating
Windows constantly to add new features which may break accessibility).
For resident geeks here:
* In order to let your app support Windows 10, you need to modify app
manifest in your application, which is what JAWS 16.0.4350 could have done.
* UIA (User Interface Automation) is more prominent now, with universal apps
using UIA.
* Microsoft Edge is filled with UIA objects, thus you need to know how UIA
works (at least a high-level overview) when scripting for Windows 10 apps
and for supporting Edge.
If you'd like to hear Windows 10 in action, there are podcasts devoted to
this (including mine). I talked about Windows 10 (although from another
screen reader's perspective) on Tek Talk for August 3rd, which can be found
P.S. I believe we have some Windows Insiders who uses JAWS, so you can ask
them also.

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Can you restart Narrator with windows+Enter?

On 8/6/2015 9:04 PM, Jim Portillo via Jfw wrote:
I just tried it a while ago. Of course, something went wrong when
to activate narrator. Looks like it installed, but it is either stuck or
something. Now of course I have no idea what's going on on the screen.

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Joseph and Rob,

Thank you for describing the accessibility of the upgrade process. I
just completed it, and both JAWS and Windows 10 are working well.

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I just want to remind you that Narrator on Windows 10 is started and
stopped by pressing windows key and enter.
after starting the upgrade, I believe the PC restarted twice, after
that I waited about 20 minutes and pressed windows+Enter and Narrator
helped me finish the setup.
At one point, Narrator would not read the screen, so I quit and
restarted it with windows+Enter.
dont forget to make a backup before upgrading.

On 8/6/2015 4:56 PM, Jim Portillo via Jfw wrote:

I know there's been much discussion of various aspects related to
topic. However, I'd like to know if anyone here has successfully
installed or upgraded to Windows 10 independently.
Did you use JAWS 16 or Narrator or both? I'm ready to install this
don't know that I'll have a sighted person around to help, so want to
make sure I can do this with one or two screen readers.
Any tips will be helpful.
I've got my machine set and ready to go.

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