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Depending on your version of Word, there are different ways to get at this.
But somewhere in options there are checkboxes to control what characters
Word will display, and I think a blank is one of them.

Also there may be a setting in the text page of the Settings Center to
handle this, or perhaps in the Key Labels page, where you can mute or unmute
the speaking of a spacebar press.

A few areas to browse around in.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630.
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Subject: Strange problem with Jaws and Microsoft Word

Hi, all.

I have just noticed a strange problem when using Jaws with my work computer
when in Microsoft Word.

When I am editing a document, all of the other characters speak except for
the space. In other words, when I hit the space bar, nothing happens. It
used to be that Jaws would say "blank", to indicate the existence of a blank

I have never seen this happen before, and can't imagine why Jaws will not
speak this character.

Does anyone have suggestions for correcting this?

Just for the record, I'm using Jaws 11 with Windows XP and office 2007 at


Tom from Michigan

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