Enhancements in JAWS 13


Okay, I had to peek. Can anyone tell me what's the difference (if there is
one) between their repeated phrases: "Resolved an issue" and "Addressed an

Does one mean they fixed it and the other that they acknowledged it?

They use these praises ad nauseum in the list, and no, I'm not going to send
a message to support@... just to get a blank stare in

Aside from that, it sound like they may have "resolved" some "issues" that
I've had with Excel, but not sure if all my personally-reported "issues"
have been "addressed" to my satisfaction. Saw that MS-Access 2007 got a
single-line honorable mention - hope eternal!

I may do the obviously stupid thing and install this some time tonight, just
out of morbid curiosity. If you don't hear anything from me for a couple
weeks, then it means JAWS 13 ate my computer.

Dave Carlson

From my Dell Latitude 630.

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