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Hi Michal,
When the upgrade starts, you'll be using the old Windows and you can use JAWS for the first phase of the upgrade (which isn't different from running any setup program). At some point, your computer will restart several times, and after this, you'll hear silence. Once you arrive at this point, you can start Narrator to complete the install.

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Mark and Joe,

How did you know when to start Narrator? Did you launch it before starting the update?

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I did it all by myself.
I upgraded from windows 7 home premium, running Jaws 16. Thanks to the people on the list as I had to do a repair on jaws.
I tried using narrator and that helped a little. But, I�셫 use to jaws, thus found it frustrating.

In short you can do it by yourself.

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I know there's been much discussion of various aspects related to this topic. However, I'd like to know if anyone here has successfully installed or upgraded to Windows 10 independently.
Did you use JAWS 16 or Narrator or both? I'm ready to install this but don't know that I'll have a sighted person around to help, so want to make sure I can do this with one or two screen readers.
Any tips will be helpful.
I've got my machine set and ready to go.

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