JAWS tandem and demo mode

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all. Should I be able to connect to someone's computer, using JAWS
tandem, if they are running the 40-minute demo version of JAWS?

I just tried doing this, and was not successful. I gave them the meeting ID
over the phone. They entered it and hit ENTER. At that point, my Tandem
dialog closed, but our computers never did connect. Over the phone, I could
hear his JAWS reading some error code out of a dialog box, and prompting him
to hit the OK button. On my end, INSERT + ALT + TAB caused JAWS to tell me
that I needed to be in an active tandem session, so, my JAWS did not think
we were connected.

Very strange. I thought the 40-minute demo version was supposed to be the
full version, so I expected this to work.

Any info would be appreciated.

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