Facebook accessibility, again: Notifications

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all. Sorry to bring this up again, but I've been having trouble getting
to the list of notifications.

According to the facebook accessibility help page, I should be able to press
ALT + 5, then ENTER, to go to the list of notifications. (I'm using Internet
Explorer.). However, this keystroke has no effect in general. In fact, only
1 and 2 seem to do anything (home and timeline, respectively).

I have the following workaround, but it's not reliable:
1. Hit ALT + 2, but do not follow it with ENTER.
2. This puts focus on the button / link for your timeline.
3. Tab or DOWN ARROW until you get to the notifications button.
4. Press SPACEBAR to open the drop down menu of notifications.
5. Now, finally, press ALT + 5, then ENTER. It works now, and will take you
to a page containing all your notifications.

Is anyone else having a similar issue? Any other workarounds?

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