Re: repairing jaws 16 on windows 10

Michael Mote

Mark, if you need to do a JAWS repair, first make sure you have the
executable file for the version of JAWS. For example, if you have JAWS
16.0.4350 installed on your computer, you would need to download that build
from the FS web-site. Once you have this file downloaded, you will need to
highlight the file. Once you're focused on the file name, press shift plus
the applications key. Then scroll down to the option that says copy path.
Press enter on this option. The path name of the file is now copied to your
clipboard. Next, press Windows key plus r to bring up the run dialogue.
Press control plus the letter V to paste in the path name, and then add this
command to the end of the line. " /type repair. Then you will hear a
series of clicks while JAWS repairs your installed version. Hope this

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My jaws programn is a downloaded file on my PC. I have gone there to do a
repair, but when I hit the file , it does not give me the choice to do a

Therefore, how can I do a repair?

Frustrated Mark
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