Shift Enter: New Browser Window Doesn't Always Work

Samara Raine <samararaine@...>

Hey guys. I'm running jaws 11 on windows xp. When I'm on the net and try to use the shift+enter command to open a new browser window, it works, but it also activates the link in the window I just left. This, obviously, completely negates the point for me to open a new window in the first place. It only happens sometimes, though, and not all.

The site I'm having trouble with is
In the forums. If I click on a thread title using shift+enter, the link activates in both windows. It didn't always do this, which is why I'm writing here. Any of you have any suggestions? I've tried restarting jaws, restarting my computer, running scans, etc. Nothing's working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really do need this command.

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