Re: Word 2010 has been crashing lately

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Come to think of it, we still run 2010 and 16 here at the office--talk about overlooking the obvious! Despite Microsoft's offering 13 at dime store prices, we've never changed. It works fine.


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Hi Adrian,

I have many clients who are running JAWS 16 and Word 2010. None of them have reported problems like this. Believe me when I say that I'd be hearing about it if they were.

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Hi. Word 2010 was always stable for me until the last few weeks. I've spoken to my tech guy who says none of his clients are having this problem. I'm the only one who has JAWS, which suggests the problem may lie with one of the recent JAWS updates and its interaction with Word and other programs running in the background.

I'll pause typing, and Word will announce it is closing. Usually it comes back quickly, but my focus has shifted to the top of the document. Once in a great while it doesn't come back, and I've lost some data this way.
Fortunately, I've long made a practice of saving every few minutes, so this isn't a serious problem, but it is a distraction.

I located online instructions for running a Word 2010 repair, but my tech guy discourages me from taking this step because he's convinced the problem isn't with Word.

So, my question is whether anyone else has experienced problems along these lines in recent weeks? I'd like to contact FS and not have them come back with the standard, and I suppose understandable, "We can't replicate..." and "We haven't received reports...," etc.
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