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I have the same problem on my Windows 8.1 HP laptop with Outlook 2007; I
cannot delete any of my messages. Unfortunately, I have not found a
solution. I am running the latest build of JAWS 16.

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Hi, Mario.

It's been a while since I had OE, but this problem sounds vaguely familiar.

First, is your friend pressing the delete key from the message list? I don't
think it works inside the message. (Keep in mind that JAWS says "delete"
because that verbalization is assigned to the delete key.)

I'm guessing that possibility is unlikely, so the following come to mind,
all assuming JAWS is focused on the message but in the message list:

1. Control-d for delete.

2. Control-shift-v for move. Select another folder as the target, such as
the "delete" folder, and see if it can be deleted from the new location. Or,

3. Press the applications key, then arrow down to "delete" and press enter.

Some other technique seems to be sloshing around my brain, but it won't
surface yet.

If these suggestions don't work, let me know and I'll see if I can find my
old OE notes.

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Subject: deleting XP OE email

a friend of mine is getting a new laptop later in the week, but in the
meantime, she's using her old xp computer with OE and is trying to delete
email. she presses delete on it and JAWS just says "delete", and doesn't get
any error message, and the email just sits there in the inbox. any
suggestions on how to get rid of the stubborn email?

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