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Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

Plesure John. One thing I find funney though is that I'm using the
latest itunes on windows 7 jaws 12 without any scripts and without any
problems. I understand I am one of only a lucky few who's able to use
it without scripts.

On 9/14/11, Peter Holdstock <> wrote:
John has done great work in writing scripts for Itunes which a large number
of JAWS users are now using. His work has been for free and he has spent a
lot of time on the project and intends to expand his list of scripts even
further so I think the least the jaws list can do is to support him by just
giving him the information he needs rather than questioning it.

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Please explain how this is even remotely related to JAWS. Since when did
the discussion of Apple products on this list become permisible? Have you
perhaps written some scripts that will make JAWS work on a Mac?


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Hi folks,
Sorry to be a bother but I have misplaced the accessibility email for
apple or iTunes. We aretrying to get apple's attention through as many
channels as we can.
We're also trying to get in touch with Stevie Wonder who made the push for

iPods to be voice over, or at least he helped.
If someone has the email for apple's accessibility that would be great.
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