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Are you meaning the logon screen so that the computer boots without having a user need to sign on each time? If so, then that's easy.

Here is a site with instructions.

sould Depedsearch

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Hello list,

I’m trying to set up a Windows 8.1 machine and have more or less got
everything set up and am now trying to get rid of the lock screen that pops
up when turning on the desktop, but am running into difficulties.

I go through the prompts of adding the snag-in as apparently whatever group
policy that is needed was not included in my Win 8.1. When I go through the
steps however, I get an error message more or less saying that this snag-in
may not vve used with this version of Windows 8.1. To manage accounts for
this computer, use the user accounts tool in the control panel.

This isn’t getting me anywhere though.

I’ve poked around online and it seems that this issue isn’t unusual.

Anyway, most solutions entail adding the group policy via the snag-in that I
explained can’t be installed.

I also want to disable the windows hints, but again, same issue.

Has anyone delt with this issue and if so, how did they resolve it?

Using Jaws 16 if it makes any difference. And yes, I know I can also try
upgrading to Windows 10, but don’t wish to do so at the moment

Any help would be appreciated.


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