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Hi Jim,
A few things:
* Yes, you'll need to use Narrator. But before installing Windows 10, remove
JAWS first (all versions except 16.0.4350).
* You might be thinking of Windows 10 as a subscription service. The good
news is that it isn't - once upgraded within a year, Windows 10 will be
yours forever.

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Good morning,

It may be too soon to ask, but I know some of you guys probably have been
playing with or exploring already.
Has anyone successfully and independently installed and used Windows 10?
I've heard/read a couple of different things about not being able to install
it without Narrator or something along those lines.

Also, does anyone know about Windows 10 being free for a limited time before
we'd have to actually subscribe to it? I don't like that idea. What would
that mean...One day I wake up and my computer wouldn't work any more until I
pay money for the Windows service?
I'm a bit confused about that.


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