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Not sure if you got a more intelligent response than Kevin's.
First, touch the Windows key and type
System sound
You will get an option something like, change system sounds.
Hit enter and tab twice.
Use your tab key to navigate to the tree view, if you have not landed on it
Arrow down until you find new mail notification.
Tab twice to see what sound if any is selected. Any WAV sound will do but
the default is
Windows Notify.wav
If no sound is set you will need to, arrow down until you find a sound you
like or tab twice to browse for a sound and set it.
Don't forget to save your changes after setting the sound you will need to
tab to the apply button and use it.


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Can any one tell me how to get sounds turned on in Microsoft outlook to
notify me of incoming emails? I am using jaws 13 on a Windows 7 desktop.
With Microsoft office 10 or 2010 Thanks


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