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Lelia <leliastruve@...>

Hi, I am actually using jaws 13 and ms office 2010 and when I go to rules it
won't let me create the rule, I see step one for conditions and step 2 but
it keeps telling me something like I'm not setting the value right.

I am using Jaws 13, ms office 2010 and windows 7



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Hello Lelia,
In Jaws 16, Office 2013, and Windows 7, it is in the context menu, down
arrow to rules, left arrow, down arrow to manage rules and alerts, press
enter, and tab, or control tab around in the following warren, and you
should come across what you are looking for, lol.
Cheers Kevin.

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Can any one tell me how to get sounds turned on in Microsoft outlook to
notify me of incoming emails? I am using jaws 13 on a Windows 7 desktop.
With Microsoft office 10 or 2010 Thanks


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