Re: Is anyone familiar with outlook 2013

Kane Brolin


I use Outlook 2013 in my workplace. And while I certainly would not
call myself a power user, I have created several folders, and I make
it a point to move manually different kinds of messages into these
different folders after they have entered my inbox.

I go to the Create Folder wizard by pressing Alt, o, and n in
succession. . As soon as I have done this, I reach a dialog box
where I can name my folder. Then I can tab a couple of times to
arrive at the Tree View where I can choose the level in the folder
hierarchy where my new folder is to reside. In other words, just by
using my Arrow keys to manipulate this Tree View, I can choose whether
my new folder will be accessible directly from the root or whether it
will be a subfolder within my Inbox or within some other core folder.

From experience, I also know that if I goof up when placing a newly
created folder, I can move it by manipulating the Folder ribbon as
well so it is fixed the way I want.

David, I know there is a chance you are asking something more complex:
such as, is there a way to make it so messages from different list
addresses go automatically into a prescribed folder other than the
general inbox?
I'm sure a way does exist to create a rule for this purpose, but I
don't know what it is. That would require input from a power user.

Kind regards,


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