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O.Addison Gethers

Hello All,
I have jaws 16 and window7 desktop computer ,also have Microsoft outlook
outlook 2007 !! I'm having trouble getting message rules to be created with
set up !! I did follow someone instruction to create and set up message
rules for groups folder !! I have already create 2 folder but I can't seem
to get the folder highlight so I can new rules set where I can get e-mail to
go to the folder to receive it. Can someone send me a instruction how to set
up message rules for outlook 2007 ?

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Hi I pressed enter on the check for upgrade stastus in the get windows
10 menu and I got a web page with the following links Does these links
indicate that windows 10 is ready to install?
Get Started
Reboot now
<> OK,
let's continue
<> View
download progress

Kenny Peyatt
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